Onsite and Remote Support

We are available to help with all technology needs. This includes Computer, Server, and Network Support. Best of all we are local to the Tri-City area so you will be working with someone in our community.

Networking and Security

Making sure your network is secure is critical in today’s environment.  We offer antivirus solutions as well software to ensure your computers are patched against the newest threats to Cyber Community. We also offer auditing to find weaknesses in your network and how to mitigate those weaknesses.


Backup Services & Cloud Storage

Backups are key to for important data. Losing critical data can not only be frustrating, but can become expensive when considering downtime for members of your team as well as meeting client deadlines. Our on and offsite backups offer peace of mind knowing your companies data is safe from whatever may happen. We also offer cloud storage solutions to be able to access your data from anywhere you have an internet connection.

HIPAA Compliancy & Auditing

HIPPA regulations can be a daunting task. We at Hempeltech have the tools to keep your PHI data secure. We can provide your practice with the tools it needs to work towards compliancy. We are also happy to work with your current HIPAA data management company and ensure your risk management plan up to date.